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273500 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2021‑04‑26 Stormville Airport
( Starting a new thread rather than drifting off the Kutztown thread.)

Tony, Dan, and assorted northeast galoots:

Anyone planning to attend any of the 2021 sessions of the Stormville, NY,
Airport Flea Market?


Historically, the best dates have been those around Memorial Day, Independence
Day, and Labor Day.

This is on the East side of the Hudson River, north of I-85 and east of the
Taconic State Parkway.  Dutchess County.

I haven't attended regularly since I moved to NJ circa 1990.

That said, some of the best old tools I've ever found were purchased at the
Stormville Airport Flea, and my two most severe cases of NON-Buyer's remorse
were contracted there. ( See archives. )

This market has also yielded some very interesting books about older
technologies and techniques.

( if the Karl Ehmer bratwurst truck is still there, don't miss it! )

John Ruth
Who just cut down a shipping pallet into a vertical storage rack for small wood
and metal stock.
273591 Dan Beck <drumsandbacon@g...> 2021‑05‑05 Re: Stormville Airport
I haven't ever been to the Stormville Flea Market, but it's been on my list for
a few years and I hope to get to it this year. Prob won't be able to go until
the fall, tho. Great to hear that the potential for tool finding is there. And
I'll def keep my eyes open for that bratwurst truck!

On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 10:47 AM, John Ruth wrote:

> https://www.stormvilleairportfleamarket.com/

I'm a simple man. I like pretty dark-haired women and breakfast food.
273607 Graybeard <veggie@b...> 2021‑05‑05 Re: Stormville Airport
There was a fairly large flea market, held about this time in the Spring at the
Duchess County Fairgrounds. It was notable in that most of the vendors were
indoors, in the Fair pavilions, and bad weather wasn't a concern. It seems to be
gone for some time now. I saw my only Sargent "Ladybug" dado plane in the wild
there - it was $65. I bought a Starrett micrometer that day.

There is a smaller flea market weekends in Lebanon, Northern Columbia County -
about a mile from the Shaker settlement. This one seems to me a genuine flea
market and not an antiques fair. Parking is awful. On warm days some vendors set
up across the road (US20/22) and in nearby parking lots.

273608 Kevin Foley <kevin.m.foley@c...> 2021‑05‑05 Re: Stormville Airport
In Virginia we’re looking forward to the "Route 11 Yard Crawl" in August.  The
word is it’s back on this year.  On one weekend day people set up along 43 miles
of Route 11 in Shenandoah County. There’s got to be some tools in there

Kevin in Chantilly, Virginia

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