Fairbanks Weather and Climate

You have reached my Fairbanks weather page. Here you will find several weather graphs generated using data I collect from various public sources, including Mesonet, the Citizen Weather Observer Program, the National Weather Service, Weather Underground, and the Department of Defense. Some of the data is pulled directly from the website reporting the data, and the rest comes from the Meterological Assimilation Data Ingestion System (MADIS).

Temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, and wind over the last seven days

Fairbanks Airport temperatures, last seven days

Plot updated 2024-07-18 11:23:03

The top facet shows temperaure (the blue region) and dew point (the black circles). The closer the temperature is to the dew point, the higher the relative humidity. The middle facet shows barometric pressure. Higher numbers indicate greater pressure, and generally mean better weather. The bottom shows wind vectors where the length of the arrow is the wind speed and the direction the wind is blowing is indicated by the direction of the arrow. For example, an arrow pointing straight down is a “north wind” because it originates from the north.

Data collection is performed using Perl and Python scripts that download, parse and stores the data locally. gnuplot and R (with ggplot2) generates the majority of the plots on these pages.

As of October 2008, we have a continuously reporting weather station at our house on Goldstream Creek. It's an interesting place because it is at the bottom of the valley, and so it's temperatures can be much colder than in the rest of Fairbanks. Information on the station, the data collection methods, data and plots are available at the Goldstream Creek Station pages.

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