Light snow in Fairbanks
sun, 30-sep-2012, 08:03

Hot break proteins post-boil, Taiga Dog
sat, 29-sep-2012, 13:58

Hard to work
sat, 29-sep-2012, 06:52

Jenson belly
sun, 23-sep-2012, 12:36

Another Spruce Grouse off the trail
sun, 23-sep-2012, 11:00

Tamarack trees turning for winter
sat, 22-sep-2012, 10:12

Lichen on the Front 40
sat, 22-sep-2012, 09:30

Goldstream Creek near the Slough
sat, 22-sep-2012, 09:09

Chinook sunrise
sat, 22-sep-2012, 07:14