Shed roof ready for metal
sun, 21-sep-2014, 18:03

All the dogs in the yard
thu, 18-sep-2014, 17:16

Shed roof replacement: disassembly
thu, 18-sep-2014, 17:14

Nice fall day in the Valley
sun, 07-sep-2014, 12:32

Bank collapse over the swimming hole
sat, 06-sep-2014, 16:21

Martin, Monte, and Lennier
sat, 06-sep-2014, 08:39

The back cabin raised above flood level
sun, 31-aug-2014, 17:40

Raising the back cabin
sat, 30-aug-2014, 15:56

The new bridge over Goldstream Creek
sat, 30-aug-2014, 11:39