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221370 Verachten Bruno <gounthar@g...> 2011‑09‑05 Re: Hand operated post drill
> I didn't get a reply to my query, so I am wondering if "Verachten
> Bruno" is a sig, or if it is actually a name.
Sorry guys, that's my name.

> 'Verachten" is the German verb, "to despise or hate". I wouldn't have
> expected such a name from France. A sig perhaps.
In fact, that's a german verb, but in my case (and thanks btw to my
father in law who found that) that's from an old belgium name "VRANKEN".
So, my belgian ancestors were name VRANKEN, then VERCHTEN, and then,
Verachten. BTW, I think my parents used to write it with a accent,

As for Bruno, well, it was an old german monk... But when I was born,
Bruno was a very common first name in France. So, I'm french, live in
France, was born in France, and have nothing against me or other
Bruno. ;-)

> C'mon, Bruno....Enlighten us. :>) I don't recall a bio.
That's because I'm shy, and it's difficult for me to speak of myself, in
English all the more reason! Well, I'm 37, married, and we have 4 1/2
twins (boys). I work as a computer analyst, and love working wood with
old iron. I don't have much time to practice, but love to do it when I
can (I was asked to stop using the scrub plane yesterday around 10pm
because of the noise). ;-)

>> I am curious to know why you don't like Bruno? Was it something
>> he said?
I hadn't caught your humorous remark.

Regards, --Bruno Verachten, France

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