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96053 "Carter Altman" <ccaltman@h...> 2001‑08‑06 BIO: Carter Altman
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Hello Galoots,

My name is Carter Altman.  I live in Albuquerque, NM.  I have been sliding
down the slippery slope for all of 7 months now.  Reading the list and
visiting many of your web pages has been very helpful.

How I became a Galoot acolyte:

After several months of pondering how I could convince SWMBO that I need
$500 - $1000 worth of spinning screaming metal I remembered an article by
Ian Kirby in FWW and the old Jack plane I got from my father because I
thought it looked kinda cool.  After 7 months I have been to the flea
market, got my first ebay star, learned about Scary Sharp, and now spend my
time pondering how to convince SWMBO that I need $500 - $1000 worth of quiet
soothing hand tools.

I have completed two projects, an end table out of ash and a step stool out
of cherry.  I am now working on another end table of cherry(SWMBO did not
like the ash…FS: hand made ash end table).  With each new project I am
trying to rely more and more on the hand tools I have and the hand tools I
*must* have.

I have been lurking for several months but feel that it is time that I step
on up to the porch and shake everyone’s hands.

Thanks again for sharing all of the great information.

Carter Altman
(Who admits that the real reason he is posting a Bio is that he would like a


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