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47490 RSHAUG@a... 1998‑08‑04 Bio-Richard Shaughnessy
Greetings Galoots:

After four months of lurking under the porch, and a stiff neck and back from
being bent over, I've located the passage to the light.  I've communicated
with some of you and have bit my tongue with comments ready for others,
but overall I've enjoyed reading the banter and sharing of information.  The
information sharing is the most important, something I may be able to
contribute to from time to time.  A serious lack of computer skills may
stand in the way, but I'm learning.

Anyway, I came to OldTools from a round about way.  My grandfather was
a serious craftsman who built everything from the house he lived in when
he died, to the irrigation system and farm his family lived on during the
Depression.  I had some opportunities to watch him use his skills, but was
never offered instruction from him.  He did give me the deep sense of
appreciation for things old and well made.

My road to woodworking came in a very round about way.  Education was
always stressed in my family, as well as independence.  I followed the
climbing ladder through college, graduate school and several always
climbing stints at different institutions of higher education in Student
Services, but kept getting farther away from what I wanted.  At the time
I actually had no idea what that was, except not where I was.  Almost
twenty years ago I found a friendly Antique dealer with the patience to
let me watch him, ask questions, and sometimes get my hands dirty
repairing old furniture.  That's when I found the little corner of the greater
scheme if things where I fit.

I stopped working for higher or is that hirer education and went to work for
myself.  My dealer friend sort of apprenticed me for a couple of years
and then I went out on my own.  For the last eighteen years I've dealt
in Antiques and done restoration on everything from 18th Century
to 1950's designer furniture.  It should be obvious that the 18th Century
stuff was a lot more satisfying.

Currently, 50, single with no GIT's, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I do
have a
very understanding partner, she would never tolerate being referred to as
SWMBO, but that's today.  We specialize in all manner of things with an
emphasis in "Handmade."  Especially textiles and furniture of the country
variety.  I also sell a lot of user quality tools to people who want to get
into the crazy business of making things themselves.

My woodworking includes a lot of restoration of manufactured furniture, so
I have a huge shop full of tailed apprentices, mostly pushed to the wall to
make room for the hand tools and antique benches and such that I use
on a daily basis.

I didn't delurk before because I didn't think I had anything to say, but a
question brought an opportunity for me to share a little knowledge.

Thanks for your patience in plowing through this not so short bio.  I hope I
didn't breach too many rules.  If I can contribute anything to the group,
it might be simply a hardy laugh every now and then from the Great Basin
in Utah.

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