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36831 DJNotti@a... 1998‑02‑11 Bio: Dan Notti
Hi Galoots,

I'm Dan Notti and I'm 43 years old, married with a 10 year old daughter. I'm
in Fullerton, CA and have been for more years than I'd like to admit to.
(Fullerton is a suburb of Disneyland for those of you unfamiliar with Southern
California geography!!) 

I am the principal and creative director for a small business-to-business
advertising agency and just recently got back into woodworking after a 10 year
lay-off. Have to admit that up to last year I have been power tool orientated.
About a year and a half ago I got interested in hand planes, bought an old
Stanley #5, read everything I could about sharpening and tuning, applied what
I could and became a woodshaving addict. I absolutely love what you can do
with them. Have since experimented with scrapers (love those too once I
learned how to get a decent hook on them) as well as spokeshaves and am
increasingly sold on the use of old tools. I enjoy the history associated with
the tools as well as their practicality. It makes woodworking a much more
personal experience for me.

I am not a collector by nature or orientation, so I look for user tools that I
can fix up. Am currently in search of a decent #604 or #603. 

I have really appreciated the input and help groups like this give us newbies.

Current projects have included a maple headboard and nightstand and cherry
coffee table and end table. Due to a house fire (burned the roof off), all
projects are currently on hold until we can find a new casa. In the mean time
I am amusing myself by flattening some plane soles using a method I got out of
the archives.

All for now. Thanks for your combined wisdom and willingness to share it.

Dan Notti

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