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272866 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2021‑02‑21 Re: Newly-found joiner's toolbox

good points all.   Here is a wonderful chest owned by a friend - oddly, he got
in the 780’s from the grandson of the craftsman.  He was an interior finish
carpenter working from 1860 retiring in 1913, and all of the tools are
appropriate to that era.  It always made me ask if a finish carpenter would take
this big a box to job sites or was this the mother ship and he took what he
needed for a day’s work in a smaller box or two.

7020/ <https://www.flickr.com/photos/ruby1638/7057342305/in/album-72

All of these tools are exceptionally well cared for - look at the amazing saws,
every one a marvel.  None of the compartments are further divided, and if the
box were not intended to move around a lot, that wouldn't be needed.  No one
would need a full set of side beads in a traveling box.  While you are at it,
look at the woodies near the end - they are pristine.

I learned most of what I know (limited to be sure) in 1972-74 from a finish (not
Finnish) carpenter born in 1900.  He had a couple of boxes in his car, not much,
but always had the right tool.  He mentioned how he took the bus and trolley
system to work in Philly when he was younger and his box was tall like a big
briefcase so it fit between his legs as he stood holding the strap.

Ed Minch

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