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11077 Beck <beckerm@c...> 1996‑12‑19 Intro

Permit me to introduce myself to this esteemed company.
I've been a subscriber for a short while and although I don't understand
half the acronyms (what's a SWMBO ?)
I think I'm getting the hang of it.

I am Mark Becker, sometimes called Beck.
I'm 40+ with two engineering degrees from a small eastern tech school in
Eastern Mass - the class ring 
has a beaver on it.
I like to build things, be they abstractions from software or real goods
from wood.

In this group I think I can best be described as a lover of good tools and
a wannabe furniture maker.
I'm looking for knowledge, answers, and sources of supply.

With all of this I plan on building some cherry kitchen cabinets and later
move on to bureaus, book shelves,
and whatever. I'm currently working on a "horizontal" (don't know the
correct term) file cabinet - 1 file
drawer and three 6" deep useful ones.

Love the concept of scary sharp - and finally managed to inflict that
condition on some chisels my Dad gave me
some years ago - finally shaved hairs off my arm after using the 1000/6000
waterstones and very fine
emery cloth. Hope I didn't cheat by using a Veritas holder and gauge. 

I love to work with wood, love its feel and glow.

Someday I may even learn to saw a straight line - can I put that on my Self
Appraisal Form as
a goal? (We're going through the annual review cycle at work).

I want to find some user planes - wood or metal, for use in making
cabinets, and suggestions/offers would be

Somewhere on the 3 GB of disk space on this PC I've got the wonderful
Stanley plane FAQ, and I'm
starting to check out the local library's collection of books.  Come Spring
(soon, please) I'll start checking out
local flea markets.

I live in Trumbull CT, 60 miles or so NW of Times Square, and 5 miles or so
from Long Island Sound
Other hobbies include riding my recumbent cycle, gardening, and Linux. 
Children are grown - eldest is married and lives in Seattle, youngest is
finishing up Brown and moving to
San Francisco real soon. 

To pay for my hobbies, I'm a programmer - Unix, C, & network stuff at a
financial institution a few miles from home.

Now if I can only sell the 8" Ryobi Radial Arm Saw, and possibly the very
old Delta 6" Joiner I bought
from a friend in a fit of Normancy, I might be able to afford some of these

Last but not least, my dear wife seems to be kin to Pete Taran's - has even
been known to lend me money
to buy toys!

I look forward to participating in this group and figuring out some more of
the acronyms - I got YMBAG!

Beck - beckerm@c...

BTW is there a FAQ for this group somewhere? I couldn't find it on the

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