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-452 Doug Marshall <dmarshall@w...> 1970‑01‑01 New Subscriber
As per the advice in the listserv subscription pamphlet(?), let me tell you
a little about myself ;-)

Ahem, I was born a poor sharecroppers son.......

(wrong speech, I think the more appropriate one goes :

"Hi, my name is Doug, and I'm a toolaholic ")

In any event, I've only been a resident of neanderthal land for about a
year, though I've been working wood off and on since I was about 12.  Last
year, by chance, in building a new workbench, I had a 24x62x2" slab of ash
glue-up that needed flattening, and, of course, no access to the kind of
monster machine that could handle it. That is , until I met Patrick Leach
via rec.ww and found out about the Stanley #8. You know the rest of the
story, I'm sure. 

Anyway, I've moved since then, and no longer have access to a shop - though
I go home and use my dad's regularly. I'm hoping to move into a bigger apt.
soon, and surreptitiously convert a bedroom into a hand-tools only shop -
should be interesting. 

I'm interested in all facets of woodworking, but especially furniture
design. I'm especially interested in the arts and crafts/prarie movement in
various forms - Morris, Stickley, McIntosh, Greene, Wright, both as a form,
and a philosophy. But I also love Shaker, and even Krenovian styles (and
yes, philosophy). 

When I'm not sketching, or drooling over the Blood and Gore, I teach
psychology at James Madison University, write, and ride my bike in the
beautiful Shenandoah valley. I live in Charlottesville with my girlfriend,
Julie, and our Corgi, Maggie. 

I'm glad to learn of the listserv, my modem can't handle the bandwidth of
r.ww anymore, and it's tough to take the time to download it everyday,
looking for the neander-articles that tickle my fancy - this should help

Hearty Grunts,

Doug Marshall			Make Shavings, not Dust.
Charlottesville, VA
(804) 977-5899

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