Recent Observations

species location description date comments
Snowshoe Hare Home Next to back cabin 2021‑02‑09
Moose Home Southwest corner of the deck 2021‑01‑20 Eating birdseed
Snowshoe Hare Home Under spruce trees between feeders and slough 2021‑01‑15
Northern Shrike Home Top of dead birch tree near feeders 2021‑01‑11
Common Raven Home Landed on tree on dog island 2021‑01‑05
Hairy Woodpecker Home Peanut butter feeder 2021‑01‑02
White-winged Crossbill Home Top of spruce tree next to driveway and others 2021‑01‑01
Boreal Chickadee Home On peanut butter feeder 2021‑01‑01
Canada Jay Home On feeder tree 2021‑01‑01
American Red Squirrel Home Between sewage treatment plant and house 2021‑01‑01
Northern Red-backed Vole Home Seeds on the ground below west feeders 2021‑01‑01
Pine Grosbeak Home West feeders 2021‑01‑01 Male
Black-capped Chickadee Home On feeders 2021‑01‑01
Common Redpoll Home On feeders 2021‑01‑01
Northern Shrike Home Birch tree outside dog yard 2020‑12‑17
Great Horned Owl Goldstream Valley
(64.890, -147.896)
On the creek 2020‑12‑15
Lynx Home Walked from slough behind dog barn and across driveway 2020‑12‑14
Moose Home Next to the deck, along slough fence 2020‑12‑08 Cow and yearling

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