Recent Observations

species location description date comments
Lincoln’s Sparrow Home In tray feeder 2018‑08‑04
Belted Kingfisher Home Cruising down the creek in front of the house 2018‑07‑31
Porcupine Home Red cabin 2018‑07‑24
Varied Thrush Home Back cabin 2018‑06‑30
White-winged Crossbill Home Treetops on Dog Island 2018‑06‑19
Sandhill Crane Front 40
(64.892, -147.881)
On the road 2018‑06‑14
Olive-sided Flycatcher Front 40
(64.892, -147.877)
Near green bus 2018‑05‑27
Yellow-shafted Flicker Home Spruce tree on dog island 2018‑05‑23
Hammond’s Flycatcher Home Outside kitchen window 2018‑05‑20
Swainson’s Thrush Home Near red cabin 2018‑05‑20
Snowshoe Hare Home In front of yellow bus 2018‑05‑18
American Kestrel Home Top of spruce near back cabin 2018‑05‑18
Snowshoe Hare Home In front of yellow bus 2018‑05‑17

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