New chips near the deck
sat, 07-jun-2014, 13:17

45 yards of wood chips
fri, 06-jun-2014, 14:16

Afternoon run on the University trails
fri, 06-jun-2014, 13:03

Brewing Dog Barn ESB
fri, 06-jun-2014, 09:16

First 2014 thunderstorm approaches
sat, 31-may-2014, 12:53

Spring flowers
sun, 18-may-2014, 15:35

Rain clouds on the Front 40
sun, 18-may-2014, 15:14

BTWD 2014 in the Goldstream Valley
fri, 16-may-2014, 06:30

Rental cabin roof repair
sun, 11-may-2014, 13:19