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273601 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2021‑05‑05 Re: flattening a large slab

Before they went Metric, Stanley used an obscure thread for their knob & tote
Screws.  It approximates a #12-20, but the thread profile is NOT of the National
Standard (NS) form; it's a rounded profile made by rolling.

A #12-20 NS tap & die can be obtained from Victor Machinery.  It's not a perfect
fit, but it's functional.

Reproduction parts for old Stanley tools can be obtained from the St. James Bay
Tool Co. of Arizona.  They also sell the taps & dies, though I don't know what
the thread form is. ( I'm inclined to think they are likely the correct Stanley
form, as St. James Bay makes good stuff. )

John Ruth
Whose green Handyman #4 has proven to be a very good plane after some fettling.

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