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273594 Ken Wright 2021‑05‑05 Scrub planes (was Re: flattening a large slab)
Gathered Galoots,

Andrew's post got me to thinking.  I have a crappy Stanley "Handyman"
#3 that I'd like to use as a scrub.  Can anyone recommend a radius to
grind the iron?  Or is that more a matter of personal taste?

On Mon, 2021-05-03 at 22:41 -0400, Andrew Heybey wrote:
> I have turned my crappy Stanley “Handyman” #4 into a scrub plane by
> grinding the iron in an arc,     
> https://groups.io/g/oldtools/photo/263744/3219531, and started in 

On a personal note, the gem of my tools is my Stanley Handyman #4.  It
was my father's, and was the first plane I ever used.  I wouldn't part
with it for anything!


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