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273390 Dan Beck <drumsandbacon@g...> 2021‑04‑08 Re: WTB - Froe
This is good info, Scott. Thanks!

BTW - I realize I may have sounded jerky saying: "I don't want some rusted,
mushroomed "antique". What I really mean is this - I generally prefer to spend
time using tools to make things as opposed to spending time restoring the tools
themselves. I will admit that mainly comes from the fact that I am relatively
inexperienced, so if I rehab a tool, I'm never entirely confident I've done a
good enough job. If the tool doesn't seem to work "properly" I never know if
it's from lack of experience using the tool or if it's because I did not rehab
the tool correctly (or a combination of both).

But if my options are (a) buying an inexpensive tool that doesn't work well or
doesn't hold up well, (b) buying an expensive tool, or (c) buying a vintage/used
tool that works well, holds up well, and is relatively inexpensive but it
requires me to spend time rehabbing it, I will choose "c" every day of the week
and twice on the weekend.

That being said, I've seen some froes at flea markets or garage sales that look
really beat up and nasty (and usually missing their handles), that seem past the
point of restoration. Perhaps I need to reconsider?


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