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273386 Ed Minch <edminch3@g...> 2021‑04‑07 Re: Drive by?
Thanks very much Mark. Many higher end instruments in the 19th and early 20th c
had ivory bridges, bridge pins, and binding (the curvy strips aorund the top and
back).  My bridge is a faux ivory, called Resin-Ivory.  I got it from David
Warther, grandson of one of the most accompished carvers ever.  Look at these
and marvel that they were done with a knife - not a lathe or a saw


We lived in Northern Ohio and in the early 60’s and my dad took me and my 2
brothers to see this place - I have never forgotten it.  He used to make a pair
of pliers out of a stick of wood about the side of your middle finger.  While he
talked he would be stabbing and slitting, then he would open it up and hand it
to you.  My brother Dave got the piece the day we were there.  In the opening
shots on the website you can see what looks like a tree - it is a huge piece of
wood made into a pair of pliers, then each of those 2 jaws made into one, then
each of those 4 jaws made into one, and pretty soon you have what’s in the
picture.  He told us there were no chips or shavings at all in making it, and he
could close it back up to the original size.

Many of the locomotives had a motor that made the wheels spin and the running
gear work - to a 12 year old it was mind boggling

Ed Minch

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