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94365 darin <darin@g... 2001‑06‑21 Time for a bio. Re: Mahogony Prices
Well I guess I have hung out under the shadows of the porch long enough.
Been lurking for maybe a year so I figure I need to evolve a little and

My name is Darin Gasperson. SWMBO (Tina) and five kids.  Tampa, Fl 

Not a tool collector on purpose.  It just so happens that I like hand
tools.  For some reason there is just this magnetic draw to a plane
poking its handle head up above other useless sundries on a flea market
bench.  I have found my share of gloats and keep some that I consider
good users. The more collectable stuff I usually pass on to those that
are more interested in giving valuables a stationary home.  I like new
tools too and plan on obtaining some lie-nielsens at some point.  Of
course like a lot of guys I have grandeur plans of making some as well.

I really like chisels and clamps too and can easily find a reason to
justify buying more.  You know what they say, "can never have too many

I do have a real obsession.  Lumber. Yep fine lumber.  I have quite a
stack (close to 30 species) most of which I have acquired through some
sort of deal, discounted price, trade or sometimes top dollar. I am
always trying to figure out some way to get more.  I am a tile setter by
trade and have actually done quite a bit of tile work for wood.  

The current thread on mahogany prices reminds me of some of the best
deals that I got on mahogany.  About 175b.f. of 8/4 that I paid,
(actually traded tile work) $3.50 board foot for.  The best part is that
most of it is over ten inches wide some is over fifteen to eighteen and
I got one piece that is 22" wide.  Makes me smile just talking about
it.  I guess that qualifies as my first gloat. :)

I keep wanting to call myself a woodworker and although I do work with
wood it takes an awful good idea to dig into my wood pile and use some. 
My current project is the long needed work bench. I have vowed to not go
on with any other wood projects until it's done. I guess mostly at this
point I am wood collector aspiring to spend as much time working with
wood as possible. 

Look forward to adding my two cents from time to time.

Darin Gasperson
Tampa, Fl

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