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8433 Stan Suther <suther@w...> 1996‑10‑25 Bio Time
I'm sure it's way past time for a bio based on my lurking activity, so here

My name is Stan Suther.  I live in Mooresville, NC, a small town near
Charlotte.  I'm 46 years old with a wife and two teenage daughters (few
bucks for tools, they get it all). I work for the local electric power
company and enjoy the irony of my interest in hand tools.  My wife has
always been lukewarm about my woodworking activity.  She would really prefer
that I take up golf because of the social aspects of the game (she's a
people person, I tend to enjoy solitary pursuits).  I tell her that I
already play with woods and irons, so I don't need no steenking golf.

I've been woodworking at the puttering (see, like golf) level for around 20
years- current project is a walnut Shaker sewing table.  The last 10 years
have included increasing handtool activity and hardware accumulation from
flea markets and MWTCA meetings.  Nothing rare, just good user stuff.  I've
got enough variety in tools that I enjoy the thought that if necessary, I
could pretty much do whatever without ever flipping a switch.  Mind you, I'm
not a purist.  Hand ripping is something that I can say "been there, done
that, don't care to do too much more."  I've got Stanleys from 3-8, a few
block planes, one Bedrock (605), a bunch of wooden smoothers, jacks, try,
and molding planes, plus a few transitionals.  I spend most tuning and user
time with the Stanleys.  My only "new" plane is a 10 year old Record #7
(sorry, gotta say it works fine, too).  Also got various saws, scrapers,
chisels, brace/bits adorning the walls and shelves of my gara...uh...workshop. 

Several years ago, I got a few saw vices and other saw sharpening tools from
my wife's grandfather's estate.  He was in his 90s when he died, and I never
suspected he was skilled in saw sharpening until I was allowed to clean out
what was left of his shop (other relatives had grabbed the p*w*er tools).  I
should have known, since years before, he had given me an old Disston back
saw that proved to be the first truly sharp saw I'd ever had the pleasure to
use. Anyway, since that time, I've developed a fair capability to sharpen
saws and always take particular interest in saw sharpening discussions on
the list.

I've committed myself to move from putterer to heavy duty woodwhacker in the
coming years, so I read with enthusiasm much of what comes to OldTools.  I
must say, due to time constraints and list volume, I may not contribute
often.  But I'll be involved one way or the other.  I've always thought
trying to catch up on list mail is like trying to jump onto a moving train.
Well, this is my mighty leap onto the caboose!

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