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63 Ron Tewksbury <ront@t...> 1996‑02‑03 Bio
My name is Ron Tewksbury and I've been lurking on the list for 2-3
weeks. There are so many interesting posts here that I have not had time
to write up my bio, I was too busy reading.

I work as a System Administrator for a small software development firm
in Palo Alto, CA. I spend all day dealing with PC and network problems.
I have been married for 8 years to a wonderful, understanding (and
usually patient) wife and have a 2.5 year old son. Between work, family
life and other hobbies and interests I find that I have too little time
to do much woodworking.

I purchased my first woodworking tools a few years ago from a local
dealer, Mark Williams. I have Stanley #4, #5, #45, and #60.5, a couple
of Japanese pull saws and some cheap Crapsman chisels my parents gave to
me at Xmas two years ago. (Last Xmas they gave me a worn out
transitional plane. Its a cool looking thing, I'll ask questions about
it sometime in the future.) My first completed project was a wagon for
my boy, and I have enough projects already thought up to last a
lifetime. 20 lifetimes at the rate I'm going...

I got into woodworking because I needed something to do with my hands
besides restoring old Volvos, which is my main other hobby. Working on
old well designed cars is fun, taking apart and repairing neeto
mechanical gizmos with nice hand tools. I was finding that excessive
exposure to cleaning solvents and petrochemicals was detrimental to my
health, so I thought I'd give building things out of wood a try. I
lurked in wreck.norm for awhile till I figured out that I was really
attracted to the postings about restoring and using old tools. The sound
of a plane whooshing accross wood is addictive.

At present I think I am more interested in aquiring tools for use rather
than tools to collect, but my attraction to interesting mechanical
gizmos may change that some. Right now I'm in need of some decent
chisels and measuring equipment (tri square, marking guage, straight
edge, measuring tools). Then maybe some more planes. But first I have to
sell an old Volvo.

In short, I'm glad to be here.

Ron Tewksbury

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