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51469 Steve Clark <steve.liz.clark@w...> 1998‑10‑12 Bio II
Greetings Galoots:
I have been reminded that my original BIO was woefully inadequate. At
the time I had wanted to just be on the porch and like many other
lurkers, did not wish to clutter the bandwidth with my personal
minutiae. Take two.

I am a thirty-nine year old letter carrier from Grant, AL. I live in
Madison (AL) as a result of a second marriage and work at the
Huntsville, AL Post Office -- Haysland Station to be specific. However,
please do not be uneasy concerning my occupation. I am unarmed except
for a handful of planes (did I mention my  L/N 62 just arrived).My wife
is a teacher and has four sons; I have a daughter. Betwixt the lot of
them I see only one or two who might become GITs. My galoot experience
actually started back in my freshman  year at DAR High School. We had a
shop teacher who taught about life first(ly) and tools second(ly). I
still find myself quoting to my children something he taught me
twenty-plus years ago.

For about five years now I have been building Christmas presents and
"projects" that swmbo deems worthy of my time. I have a small shop full
of N~rmite contraptions; but since I have discovered the porch and it's
wiley denizens, much of my shop time is spent with my hand tools. I have
been buying slowly with the emphasis on ones that I will actually use
regularly.Unfortunately thre are  few sources in my area for decent
hand tools. I have bought from galoots and from some of the better mail
order catalogs heretofore. On the project-front, a  new workbench and a
tool cabinet are my next goals; of course swmbo has a list of furniture
she thinks I am going to build first. I have informed her that I will
need a few more tools in order to do the job(s). I can see the
collective nod doing the wave down the porch. Thank God Christmas is
just around the corner.

And lastly, a rebuttal. There were a couple of galoots who informed the
porch that Anniston, AL was the armpit of the country. That may be so;
BUT Alabama as a whole is a most wonderful place to live. In the
Huntsville area (thanks to NASA), there is a diverse population ranging
from rocket scientists to engineers (Jeez, do we have engineers) to
farmers and a host of others. Down south, we have the gulf coast and
wonderful Mobile. We have a beautifully moderate climate and a low
cost-of-living standard. My wife grew up in Brooklyn,NY and Ft.
Lauderdale, FL and she loves it here. If you are in these parts, stop by
and eat with us. We still believe in that old Southern hospitality. Btw,
swmbo is Italian and can really cook. OK,  there.

thanks a hundred,
Steve Clark

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