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51248 "Philip R. Baumann" <pbaumann@f...> 1998‑10‑08 Bio
Time to introduce myself . . .

My name is Phil Baumann.  During the day (and all to often into the
evening), I chair the political science department at Moorhead State
University (Moorhead, Minnesota).  I also teach research methodology, which
leads me to be something of a computer geek.

Like many, I began my woodworking activities as something of a Normite.  My
current interest (infatuation?) with old tools began when I didn't have
some of the p*w*r tools I "needed."  Hmmmm.  Rummage in the dusty old tool
box . . . there's my grandfather's
brace . . . some bits (the sizes I needed) . . . a block plane.
I wonder what he used them for.  A quick clean-up and sharpening and hey,
that's nice.  More and more I find myself picking up hand
tools instead of the alternative.  I seem to work more slowly and
carefully, paying more attention.  I think I do a better job with
hand tools.  I know I enjoy it more.

My family is very supportive of my tool interests, though they
think I'm a bit nuts.  My son's (19) only interest in tools is
trimming hockey sticks (cutting carbon fiber-epoxy laminate hockey
sticks does nasty things to a cross cut saw; he's learned).
Our daughter (24), now out on her own, has become a bit of a
"market" for woodworking projects.  There's a bit of special pride
and care in building things for her -- something for the next
generation.  SWMBO never took much interest (except in the
results) until I started looking at old tools.  Now she's
interested and even enjoys joining me for the hunt.  In fact,
she's often encouraged me to buy tools that I don't really need,
or that are over-priced or in bad shape.  I've been known to cave in to her
wishes on occassion.

My current project (it's been current for a long time, now) is a bedroom
set.  Several pieces are done, two more are nearing completion, and the bed
is in the beginning design stage.  This
process has changed for me since I began using hand tools.  Now
I find I begin designs by deciding what tools I want to learn to use or
skills I want to work on, and designing a project to let me do it.  So,
SWMBO's desire for a pencil post bed fits right in; I'll get to work on my
skills with the drawknife and spokeshave.

I've enjoyed lurking here for a bit, and have learned a lot.  I'm
particularly impressed by the sense of community exhibited by
galoots.  I'm sure I'll keep learning, and hope I'm able to

Phil Baumann

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