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42134 Jim Bob and Deirdre <barkerj@a...> 1998‑04‑27 Bio
Read the rules (sure do _hate_ to hafta read 'structions) so here is a brief

My name is Jim Barker -- but my nickname is Jim Bob -- no I am no relation
to Bob.

I live in sunny Tucson AZ -- old tool He** I am told.

I am a mechanical engineer in the construction industry by trade -- however
I do not get to 
do much engineerin' as I now run the Engineering branch at the local Air
Force Base --  yes
I am a civili servant.

My brother and I both love to work with wood -- as happpens in many families
we have gone
different ways -- he is a normite and I appear to be a neanderthal.  Having
recently discovered
this fact, my hoard of user tools is relatively small.  Since we do have an
extra garage stall,
this is my shop.  It should be really toasty when the temps hit 105 (that is
during the evening,
when it cools down in the summer).

My current project is my workbench which I am building out of hickory
flooring I got slightly
used from the contractor who did the hardwood floor on the Tucson TOH.

Thanks for list'nin,  Jim Bob

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