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266312 Erik Levin 2018‑08‑07 Re: Handsaw sharpening
Tom Johnson wrote:

>I'm restoring the handles and cleaning up the plates, but I would like to get
them sharpened as well.

>All recommendations welcomed.

I'm not sure what you are really asking, here, but my advice is go for it
yourself. If you are asking, I will guess you haven't sharpened in the past, but
it is nothing but practice. Use a fifty cent yardsale junker for practice first.
If you  need to set the teeth, sawsets are roughly a dime a dozen in many
regions (just picked up an unused  1950's-ish 42X, in box, for $1 at a yard sale
to supplement the other two-- 3?-- I have. This is the most expensive one. These
go for $10 or less on line and are a desirable user) if you don't have one.

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