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266308 Thomas Johnson <drthjo@g...> 2018‑08‑07 Handsaw sharpening
Greetings to the Gathered!

I took a pile of carcass/tenon/dovetail saws down to Bad Axe today to see
about getting them sharpened.  I know they do A+ work but I can't afford
them.  Time is no issue.  I've had these laying around for a long long time
and I'm busily involved in the Swedish Death Ritual .... (off-loading
everything I can't do without) ...
Added to the pile are two saws that my son-in-law brought over this
weekend.  They are his Dad's saws and his dad has aggressive inoperable
brain cancer ... sooo he wants to get these restored for his two sons;
Grampa's saws.
One is a super Disston No.12 with no damage at all to the handle and the
other is an Atkins 11 tpi panel saw.  So ... I'm restoring the handles and
cleaning up the plates, but I would like to get them sharpened as well.

All recommendations welcomed.


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266312 Erik Levin 2018‑08‑07 Re: Handsaw sharpening
Tom Johnson wrote:

>I'm restoring the handles and cleaning up the plates, but I would like to get
them sharpened as well.

>All recommendations welcomed.

I'm not sure what you are really asking, here, but my advice is go for it
yourself. If you are asking, I will guess you haven't sharpened in the past, but
it is nothing but practice. Use a fifty cent yardsale junker for practice first.
If you  need to set the teeth, sawsets are roughly a dime a dozen in many
regions (just picked up an unused  1950's-ish 42X, in box, for $1 at a yard sale
to supplement the other two-- 3?-- I have. This is the most expensive one. These
go for $10 or less on line and are a desirable user) if you don't have one.

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