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265401 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2018‑03‑13 Re: boxed stone

This is certainly a very interesting artifact. Tell us more!

Where did you get it? (Hope I didn’t miss something in an earlier post.)

What kind of wood is it? Chestnut?

The screws on the hinges; do they have a handmade look? (Such as off-center

Do the hinges look like a blacksmith job?

Does the smell suggest whale oil ? Tallow ?

Last but not least, how well does it sharpen?

This brings back memories. My family vacationed in the area of a glacial
moraine. Pop was always hoping to find a whetstone “in the wild”. Looks like
somebody did, back in 1817.

John Ruth
Expecting the third winter storm in 12 days. 

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