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264153 scott grandstaff <scottg@s...> 2017‑12‑07 Yew carving and weird email
Did you ever carve yew wood? Pacific yew?
Its weird. Its not so hard but its ridiculously tough. A drawknife cuts, 
but then it wants to
blow out. The only reliable way to spokeshave it is to cut practically 
sideways. A super heavy skew angle in other words.
  But a scraper? A scraper feels really weird like you are carving some 
kind of plastic. But it cuts a treat.
  I was actually sculpting yew with a hand scraper.

Here is what I was making. Has anyone ever seen this tool head? It has a 
patent marking.
No idea what the inventor was thinking, maybe a fire tool? I am planning 
to use it for close quarter but heavy gardening tasks.

And weird email problems.
  Did you ever get a "stuck" piece of email? I had an ordinary auction 
listing notice from ebay, that got stuck on my incoming mail server. It 
would resend every few minutes and nothing else!?!?? I woke up to 377 
copies of the thing.
  Meanwhile any new email that came was sitting my snowcrest's server, 
and wouldn't download to my computer.
   When I finally found the "bad" piece of email on the server, and 
deleted it, mail service returned to normal.... just like that.
   But why did it happen?  Anybody?
           yours Scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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