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264151 David Nighswander <wishingstarfarm663@m...> 2017‑12‑05 Re: My great adventure
What a great idea. Adventure while you are able to enjoy it.
In addition to your list:
Single bevel hatchet. It will in time cut down a tree, limb it, square it, and
cut a tenon on the end. Makes kindling for the campfire from the offcuts. Single
bevel will do everything a camping hatchet will do and more.
3/8" and 3/4" paring chisel. You will want a mortise eventually.
Consider fasteners needed/used and build a toolset to accomodate. Brace, bits,
eggbeater, twist drills to fit. Glue and needed accessories.
A set of Scott Grandstaff mini bench/sawtables if you are traditional. A
WorkMate if you're not.
A scraper.
A good Sloyd knife. A locking blade pocket knife will pass for the Sloyd.
4 in one rasp. It will work for most things.
Files for your saws.
Sharpening method. (Insert tools of choice)

Duck tape. It will get you back to civilization and make you popular with your
friends who didn't plan.

Nice but not necessary:
Turning saw with extra blades. It will disassemble into a small package and will
take the place of most other saws.

55 years of camping says, non traditional but good to have. The best rescue is
not needing one.
A good receiver mounted, minimum 5000 lb, winch with receiver mounts front and
rear. It rides outside. Doesn't weigh a lot. With a snatch block it will pick up
the front or rear of the vehicle.
You will get stuck.
50 feet of 10,000 lb breaking strength line. Trees are never where you want
If you haven't already planned for it a 12 volt tester. The little digital jobs
work but make sure you understand it.
A battery booster. Walking to a place where you can charge a dead battery sucks.
Batteries are heavy. Cell phones go dead too.
A plastic box tool set for the vehicle. Sockets, wrenches, hex keys, screw
drivers. Multi tools will drive you nuts working under a dashboard.
A fan belt. It happens.
Two spare tires mounted outside.
A kit of tire plugs.
5 ton bottle jack.
Folding trenching tool.

Not needed unless you are like me and go there just to see.
Tire chains.

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