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250 sadler@i... (Alan Sadler) 1996‑02‑08 bio
I've been lurking for a week, and finally have the time  and available
memory to write about myself.

This is my last week in Los Angeles.  I've lived here for seven years,
and will be driving to Chicago for the next few years of my life or as
long as the job that I've taken lasts. It was 82 degrees here
yesterday, and I know that Chicago is considerably colder, Thank you.

My tool inventory has diminished recently, due to my not wanting to
take the "heavy stuff"  I recently sold the following:

1952 Delta Unisaw w/ 52" Biesemeyer, HTC rolling base, etc.
25 year old Delta Drill Press
14" Delta Bandsaw w/ 3/4 hp mtor & Encl. stand
Emglo 2 hp Compresser
10' Baker Rilling Scaffold
Bench Grinders
Assorted hand power tools

I did keep the more important items, including my collection of old
machintists' tools.  My Starrett collection has about 300 pieces.  

I think that my woodworking days may be over.  Perhaps when I get to
Chicago it'll be time for a Bridgeport.  If there is any tool group,
tool store or other tool related possibilities, please let me know.  I
will midss Andy's Old Tool Shop in Santa Monica.  I always would go
there if I was depressed.  I'll have to find a place in Chicago.

Alan Sadler
Executive Producer
Big Deahl Productions
443 N. Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois  60610

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