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184636 "Joseph Sullivan" <joe@j...> 2008‑11‑14 Updated Bio
Joe Sullivan Biography:


It has been two or three years since my bio, so here is an update:

I am 54, still living in North Texas, and still earning my daily bread as an
insultant advising on operations and finance - especially troubled or
underperforming businesses or units. We also appraise businesses, and I
still frequently speak and am published on businesses and finance topics.


For fun, I play a lot of guitar, take pictures, hunt, fish ride horses, tend
the garden and orchard, do youth activities, and of course tremendously
enjoy woodworking and old tools.  We live on a country property, so it is
well that I like carpentry, as for reasons of budget and personal
satisfaction, I do most of the work on the house and barn.


Have three offspring still at home: one 11 yr old son, a college daughter
who is here occasionally, and a 26 yr old first year architect son who is
living with us while he struggles with low salary, slave labor conditions,
and the licensing exams. We have the room, and it is a pleasure to have him


Since my last bio, I have increased my stock of old tools and hand tools in
general.  I am well situated (SWMBO thinks ridiculously oversupplied) with
various kinds of saw from Disston and Atkins to Wenzloff, and also have the
basic planes and some others, such a duplex rabbit, about three versions of
45, a chisel plane, and some scrapers.  I have done pretty well with socket
sash chisels, but as a non-turner, lack handles for many.  Am behind the
curve on other chisels except for a set of beveled tang firmers that are
pretty good.  Have scored a few drills and braces, and expansive sets of
both Russell and Irwin bits.  IN the course of all of this, I have extras of
a number of things, but they look so nice on the racks.  Some of this stuff
was inherited, but much picked up at yard sales and electronic auctions -
and much originally in bad shape.  I get great satisfaction out of learning
about, identifying, and renovating neglected old tools.  


I am building out my workshop these days, changing it from a general
maintenance and storage room to a true workshop.  Have not yet gotten around
to making the finer details like bench hooks and shooting boards, but am
reading and studying like mad.  Probably by this time next year, I'll be
well set up.  One bit of fun, though, is that much of the racking, and the
new bench surface, are being made out of recycled T&G oak flooring.  Our
living room buckled a year and a half ago.  I couldn't brear to throw away
all that good wood, so I am using it for projects.


I have a small stock of blacksmith tools - very basic, and a forge, and
anvil.  Unfortunately, I don't know what I am doing with all that.  That is
a challenge for later.


Just finished making white oak kitchen counter tops for the house (using the
recycled flooring) , and m making an oak tool chest of the same material for
my elder son's Xmas present.  It will be stocked mostly with old Stanley and
Disston products.  Lucked into a large supply of true white oak  (quercus
alba) and black walnut on my parent's property last year.  Took it to the
mill.  Had the oak mostly q-sawn, and the walnut cut for figure.  The result
was aver 2,000 bd ft of nice lumber to split with my logging buddy.  It
ranges from 6" wide to 26" wide.  Therefore, I see a lot of oak and walnut
work in my future.






Joseph Sullivan





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