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14972 David Hegedusich <dheged@c...> 1997‑03‑12 BIO: David Hegedusich
I've been lurking here for about 6 months, so I guess I'm about due to
post my bio.

I am 34 years old, father of three (boy 5, girl 2.5, boy 4.5 months). 
My wife of nine years is in the SWCCL category, provided I show some
self-restraint. To pay the bills, I am a software engineer for
Motorola. I am fortunate enough to work full time from my home in San
Antonio (you think you live in tool hell, try finding tools around

I've always loved woodworking, particularly since my dad is a
carpenter/cabinetmaker/jack-of-all-trades. He spent a few years
building homes for a living. He also has a well-equiped shop that he
uses to make some pretty nice furniture. As a kid I used to help my dad
build garages and additions.

Like so many others, I spent a lot of Saturday afternoons watching The
New Yankee Workshop, and fell into the trap that I needed a shop "just
like Norm's" if I ever wanted to make anything. I began purchasing the
tailed apprentices, and now have a garage-full of power tools. I've
built a fair number or pieces for our own use, including a kitchen
table, couple of toyboxes, armoire, aquarium stand, bed, etc.

Lately, however, because of the time involed with raising three kids, I
haven't been able to get out to the shop 'till after 9pm, at which time
it's a bit too late to fire up the tablesaw or router. There's got to
be a quieter way to do this, I thought to myself. 

I had been lurking about at rec.ww, growing weary of the "Which bandsaw
should I buy" threads, and noticing a couple of guys named Patrick
(amongst others) talking about oldtools. Nah, you can't really USE them
tools, can ya'?? After lurking here a bit, digging through the
archives, and The E-N site, I was hooked. I've been slowing building up
my user tools, and learning to tune and use them. One of these days I
may actually build something.

I still watch NYW, more for project ideas than for technique. And since
Norm won't do it, I try to identify places where I would (could) use a
hand tool, instead of a laser-guided monster. Alas, the local PBS
station does not carry Roy, but I'm lobbying for that.

I've really enjoyed the camaraderie here on the porch, and appreciate
everyone sharing their knowledge and experience.

A bunch of lines to say "Hello, and scoot down a bit so I can squeeze in


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