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103000 "Craig Davis" <craigdavis@c...> 2002‑02‑11 new galoot - bio
Thought I'd take a quick moment to post a bio in case I come up with
something brilliant to say (not much danger though) soon.

My name is Craig Davis and I am a 29 year old computer/phone tech.  I have
done some rough carpentry work with my Dad but just started doing finer work
over the last year (since I finally got a garage).  I started as many do,
watching Norm and Roy on PBS and cable.  My first aquisitions were all of
the tailed variety but inheriting my great-grandfather's tool chest spurred
me into hand tools.  He was a farmer/carpenter and my grandfather was a
well-known finish carpenter.  Most of the tools in it were relatively
modern, but there were a few old rusty handsaws that I have yet to clean up.

I've since picked up a few hand planes and saws and chisels.  I admit that
time constraints have me still roughing things out with the tablesaw, but
all my finish cuts are now done with hand tools and I'm in the process of
learning dovetails and hand-cut mortises.  I've lurked for only a few days
and I've already learned much so I think I'll be hanging around for quite
some time.

-Craig Davis
Orlando, FL

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