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-790 Mike Weaver <mikew@u...> 1970‑01‑01 Re: bio/wiseass/usw/etc
On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Bruce Haugen wrote:

> Hi, 
> Me:	My name's Bruce and I own a craftsman 
> Group: 	Hi, Bruce!
> Oops!  Wrong group.

Ahh, that would be the Bruce group, right? :-)

Ok, I'll add a 'me too' mesg (kind of looking like rec.norm already, huh? :-)


My name is Mike, and as most of you don't know, I've never shilled..oops.
I mean, I've never had the pleasure of a neanderbombing from Ashby,
but it's coming one of these days. Something about paying the bills
that the wife keeps talking about... (not to intentionally exclude other

I'm a mere pup in neanderyears, but I too have been drawn into the
hand tool arena. At first, it was pure cost - my dad had all the norm
toys, and I couldn't afford any of them. Now, it's for enjoyment.

I was given a plane (servicable Dunlap #3), and thought this stuff might
be neat. Since then, I've acquired several other planes (a nice #605 from
brother Vince), and have really started enjoying the 'personal' touch
that working with a handtool provides.

I am fortunate enough to live in a tool-rich area of the country, with
antique-mile, and the flea market heaven of southern PA, only being
about an hour and a half away (I live in PA, not in MD), and I've
really enjoyed perusing the stalls (flea markets, *not* the 'John' :-)
for bagging the miniscule iron.

Since I've only gotten into this stuff within the past year, I really
don't know what styles I prefer, and I'm in the process of learning
and figuring that out at the same time.

As for paying the bills, and paying for my hobbies (of which woodworking
is becoming an ever-increasing portion), I work as a Unix Systems 
Administrator at UMBC (one of the darn-near-independant campuses of
the U of MD system), and I'm a Computer Scientist according to my degree.

I have a borrowed *old* Craftsman benchtop drill press - with runout
that I *like*, and a *new* Craftsman RAS, that I use (it was a Christmas
present before 1) I didn't know any better and 2) My neander-tendancies
hadn't surfaced yet.

I also own a very old Craftsman belt sandah, but like O'Deen, that hummer
is relegated to stuff that a plane/scraper shouldn't touch.
(It's great for flattening the soles of planes - *huge* smiley here :)

Well, that's about enough drivel about me for now. (I can hear the
sighs of relief from as far away as Seattle and Pasadena.

> I have only a couple of concerns:
> 1.  isn't it time to split this group?

Not again already? 

> 2.  where is zero?


> 3.  With a little luck, the Bruces could have the upper hand (yes!).  Call
> it an evolutionary thing.

Well, if we include all middle names, the Patricks have another member
here to keep the upper hand. (or should that be 'lower-brow' hand?)

And, you will usually get my full .sig
Michael P. Weaver   Unix Systems Administrator         Email: mikew@u...
                    University Computing Services, UMBC
                    Baltimore, MD 21228                
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are mine, and not my employer's.

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