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As requested by John DeLapp, I am again posting more bio data (the listserver
ate the last one.)  I'll try to keep things relative but its very hazey
because I don't often stand on my laurels.

I was apprenticed as a medieval and Roman armorer in 90-92'.  I became a
Master in 1992 (age 17.)  This spurred my interest in blacksmithing.  Over the
past few years, I've been hired by the county to lecture on medieval
history, armor, and weapons.

In 1992, I volunteered to write a newsletter (my grandparents were
printers) for SWEAT and all of a sudden became the state director.  No
pay.  Age 17.  Youngest member.

By 1993, my senior year in school, I began working at the county
Archaeological Lab doing ID and preservation work as well as field
direction.  The lab closed in 1994.  That same year I got together with Mike
Dunbar in Atlanta to talk tool restoration at his chair class.  I've been
helping out every year since.  

I did a chunk of my tool buying in 1994.  I bought out some collections (I
deal off and on.)  Old Salem took me in for a few days to look over
everything and scratch and sniff.  I spent some time into and under the

The summer of 1995 I spent a week at Colonial Williamsburg talking to
curators and lunching with the carpenters.  I spent a lot of time
photographing construction techniques and talking shop.  My thanks to
those who took me behind the cordons to try out, pick brains and get a
look under the grease.  I mustn't forget the behind the scenes toolmakers
that let me do the same.

And here in 1996, I'm 21 with my girlfriend of 5 1/2 years (the lovely
Susan Rogers.)  I'm studying Mechanical Engineering Technology at what used
to be Southern Tech (now Southern Polytechnic State University?.)  I just
finished my shop that is open to truly interested visitors and I'm
starting up a leather business to make leather, snap on guards for edge

Tools are my thing, not computers.

Matt Jobson
267 Creek Court
Marietta, Georgia 30064-2438

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